Our Story

100% Transperancy in Supply Chain!

Increasing farmers share and empowering them through a transparent , sustainable Supply (Block-)chain!

I started this company with primary aim of providing complete information about products we eat through a resourceful medium and empowering us to support farmers who are the most vulnerable part of the supply chain. Driven by the need for resourceful and complete information from manufactures or distributors, I decided to follow the journey myself to see and experience various steps of the supply chain.

Seeds & Bio Diversity

I started my journey from Navdanya, an institution and seed bank founded by Dr. Vandana Shiva to learn about seeds, their importance and why us consumers need to understand their role in our eco system. The 3 day visit to Navdanya campus at footsteps of Himalayas in Dehradoon, India touch upon farmers rights on seeds, their role in preserving our bio diversity, removing GMOs from our food chain and why there is ever more need to protect our farmers from the big companies. The discussion with the Bijaks (Volunteers at Navdanya) as well as member were really useful in seeing this information through different perspectives. You can read more about the visit in a separate blog post here.

Farmers Co-operative

The next stop in the journey was our farmer co-operative located in Marche Region, in Italy. The co-operative started with biodynamic organic farming in 1981 when organic standards where not even in place. Being one of the pioneers in organic farming and a farmers co-operative, it was important to hear why transparency is one of the most important factor for them. I did an hour long interview with them during the visit which you can listen here (Italian and English). The visit featured an old stone mill still powered by water followed by visit to their facilities and meeting one of their farmers. More details on the visit is in separate blog post here.

Breaking down the supply chain

The supply chain of a product can get very complex depending on the source and destination as well as technology used to keep track of them. It is very challenging to give the most benefit to the farmers and workers unless the value is created at source and shipped in minimal stages to consumers . A comparison of the traditional supply chain with ours is given below to show the difference it makes!

Supply Chain

In this particular example, 60% of the final price you pay goes to the producer which in this case is a co-operative of farmers. If you compare this to the traditional model which is up to 21% or even less in case of more distributors (which is not very uncommon), you can see the power players in this model. Exporters, importers and distributors can put pressure on farmers for lower prices, higher yield and in extreme cases, force them to leave farming. The higher the share of farmers, the better they are placed in the supply chain! Supply chain for our products is available on our projects page.

We are focusing on increasing farmer’s share by optimising the supply chain model as well as empowering them with tools and resources where they can directly connect with their customers, listen to them and make a long lasting relationship so as to support each other. Our model provides benefits to the farmers and provides products at fair prices without putting pressures on them. In short, we are bringing transparency in every stage of the supply chain to see if it makes sense or not to buy a product!

We are currently launching in Bonn-Cologne region by partnering with Bonner Werkstaette Lebenshilfe Bonn for our storage and packaging requirements. We are quite excited to launch with them as it helps to keep a part of our supply chain regional and supports partially abled people in the region.

Our current focus is to increase awareness on importance of supply chain for you as well as our farmers and help them reach out to the customers in our region. I would be glad to explain our approach in detail to interested groups and invite our farmers to share their stories with you.