Our Product Launch Journey

Our Product Launch!

We have been busy working with our partners to launch our first product with 100% transparency in the supply chain. The first step of the supply chain started with procurement of raw material from our Italian partners, La Terra E Il Cielo, a 40 year old, farmer’s co-operative which has given us useful inputs towards realizing the digital supply chain.

Our first procurement happened to be in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis which put extra pressure on all of us to run the supply chain in a smooth manner. In spite of multiple challenges, our partners prepared the first palettes to be shipped to Germany.

Pallets, ready to ship!

The cargo consisted of organic noodles manufactured from wheat grown by the c0-operative farmers in the region with traditional methods such as slow drying the pasta at 50 C for 24 hours, processed through a bronze mould, also known as Trafilata Al Bronzo. The cargo is then shipped from Arcevia, Italy to our packaging partner, Bonner Werkstaetten in Bornheim, Bonn. The shipment was delivered in 7 days to Germany! The complete journey can be seen on our tracking page. Here is a location history of the cargo delivered to our warehouse partner Bonner Werkstaetten!

Location tracking!

We have given special attention to the packaging of the noodles where you will be able to followup the journey of the product as it happened. We worked with designer Frederick Schneider who came of some innovative packaging designs to convey the story and journey of the product from the farmer to the food table. The packaging gives important information such as raw prices paid to the farmer as well as information on people involved. The circular information graph gives details on the journey of the product. The QR Code present on the back can be scanned to get complete information of the supply chain as it happened. The supply chain is implemented on a blockchain based digital platform on which I will detailed information in a future post.

Noodles Packaging!

Coming back to the organic noodles, they are then unloaded from the pallets, transferred to the weighing machines to prepare for the packaging process. The noodles are sorted and handpacked in 500 g packs at Bonner Werkstaetten, Bornheim Bonn. The individual packs are then packed in a box which consists of 6, 500 g noodles, ready to be delivered to the supermarkets or directly to consumers. The whole process took 2 weeks to package 600 Kg of noodles!

Noodles Packaging!

The whole journey of the product is encapsulated digitally which can be experienced with our tracking platform here. The main page lists are the important steps and members of the supply chain. Each step can be clicked to get more detailed information on that step as well as of the individual member of the supply chain. This portal is continuously upgraded to provide the information in easy, intuitive manner.

Noodles Packaging!

We are getting in touch with local partners to start shipping the first batch of these products through local stores, supermarkets and on our online shop. The information regarding our partner stores will be put on our homepage.